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About me

I've been a writer since childhood and fell in love with marketing during my years in the start-up world.

Geeking out at the 2018 internal Vacasa conference

I was the first dedicated marketing employee at Vacasa, a vacation rental firm that grew into a billion-dollar powerhouse over the course of my eight-year tenure. My role grew and changed along with the company, but the cornerstone of my work was always content.

I helped define and bring the Vacasa brand voice to life across dozens of touchpoints, including website content, social media, direct mail, customer service phone scripts, help centers, internal communications, marketing campaigns, and mobile app microcopy.

In October 2019, I joined the small-but-mighty team at AskNicely to lead content marketing and strategy. While my time there was cut far too short due to coronavirus-related downsizing, I was able to help launch a new core product and updated website, and produced case studies and campaigns to reach a new strategic audience.

Now, I'm providing freelance content marketing and strategy services. I'll bring the same customer-first, collaborative perspective that helped me succeed as an in-house marketing leader to your company, on a flexible project-by-project basis.


  • Copywriting
  • Copyediting
  • UX writing
  • Content strategy
  • Creative direction

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