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New messaging for homepage and core product page

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Content Strategist, Copywriter
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As in-house Senior Content Strategist, I partnered with our Product Design team to help AskNicely transition from an Engineering-owned proprietary website to a Marketing-owned CMS website.

  • Copywriting for refreshed homepage and core product page
  • Project management
  • Content architecture
  • SEO evaluation and recommendations


During my time at AskNicely, the company reframed its vision from strictly NPS software to a customer experience platform tailored for multi-location, B2C businesses. This new homepage was designed to solve the challenge of addressing our new target audience, while not alienating the longtime audience that simply wanted NPS software. I worked with our CEO to define and articulate the key value propositions for both audiences, reflected in the content I created for this page. Homepage

Customer Feedback page

This page was intended to capture buyers from the aforementioned longtime audience and articulate key differentiators from other NPS providers: a better survey experience that leads to timely action, not just endless analysis. I partnered with our CEO to define those differentiators and wrote the content on this page. Customer Feedback product page

Latest Works

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