Case Study: The Camp TC for AskNicely

Two versions of a case study proving AskNicely business value

Tools Used:
My Role:
Copywriter, Content Strategist
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Project Overview

As in-house content strategist and copywriter at AskNicely, I needed to produce a relevant customer story to build brand awareness and resonate with our new ideal customer profile: multi-location B2C businesses.

  • Partnered with Customer Success team to identify the right candidate and interview key leaders
  • Wrote long-form narrative customer story for the web
  • Provided creative direction and partnered with graphic designer to create a high-level, print-ready PDF for relevant event
  • Coordinated with customer on images and approvals
  • Created digital ads to support demand generation (PPC and native)

This case study was our showpiece content for an international franchise conference, promoted across social media, and played a key role in helping my team blow our Q1 demand gen goals out of the water.

Short-form case study

The short-form case study was a double-sided, print-ready PDF, highlighting key takeaways and quotes from the longer narrative study.

Front page
Back page

Long-form narrative case study

For digital promotion, we published the full customer story on the AskNicely blog, highlighting several ways the AskNicely product had helped The Camp improve their customer service delivery.

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